Dog Scratching Door? Ever Heard of a Door Scratch Protector?

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Does Your Dog Scratch at the Door to Be Let Out?

Tired of Seeing a Scratched up Door?

Considering a New Paint Job, New Door or maybe Renting an Apartment or Home, but worried the Dog will Scratch Up their Door?

I know our door and door frame looks terrible even though our dogs usually don’t scratch the door. They sometimes get excited and jump against it…which is why I’m sure over the years it’s gotten scratched up looking.

Since I plan on painting the door soon and figure there has to be a way to keep it looking nice. So, I found these to try out….many other dog owners have tried them and seem to find them very useful!

The Original ClawGuard

This door protector is easy to install and protects not only the door, but the door frame and wall too from what I understand.

It’s mainly for light scratches, or should I say light scratchers, lol!

But, they do have a heavy duty one available as well.

The Original ClawGuard is for small to medium sized dogs and I’m assuming it helps for cats too.


  • Easy to Install
  • No Hardware Required
  • Fits Standard Doors – Can easily be trimmed using scissors
  • Optional Noise Control Feature
  • Made in USA

This door guard or protector is easy to install, you basically just need to hang it from the door knob…

Now, that’s the easiest thing I’ve ever heard of installing!

If you’re door is in a tight area such as next to a corner, and the door guard is a bit too big to fit in that space, all you need to do is trim it down to the size you want….

Sounds simple enough, right?

Another feature of this door protector or scratch guard is that you can use it with the Optional Noise Control Feature…

About the Optional Noise Control Feature

So, what do they mean about the Noise Control Feature?

The ClawGuard can be hung up with either the Smooth Side facing out which will not make any noise if your dog is scratching at it.

Or, you can choose to hang it with the Textured Side facing outwards, which will make a “zip-zip” sound as your dog is scratching.

Many dog owners find hanging it with the Textured Side to make noise makes their dog less likely to keep scratching at the door. Plus, it’s also another way to hear what your dog is up to…

Letting you know that your dog probably needs to go out since that is one of the main reasons a dog scratches the door…

I gotta go potty!

Now, what about the not so good things…


  • Not meant for Large dogs or heavy scratching*
  • Not for use on glass doors or doors with no handle/knob
  • Dog may be able to move or slide it if not fastened securely enough*
  • Doesn’t cover the whole door

Myself, I’d rather give this a try than risk having another door ruined

It’s waaaay cheaper than buying another door! For those with dogs that scratch aggressively or have larger dogs there is another option for a Heavy Duty ClawGuard as well.

As for those dogs that figure out how to move or swing it out of the way, add more Velcro fasteners….many other dog owners have found it better to buy some additional Velcro heavy duty fasteners to use instead of the ones that come with the product. These added to the door and the ClawGuard will help hold it in place.

You can Order Your ClawGuard by Clicking the Button Below!

What do YOU think? Have you tried the ClawGuard before, either the Original or the Heavy Duty option? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve found this helpful for you and your dog!

Please share this if you like it, I’d appreciate it and our lil’ doggies do too!

Original ClawGuard

Check Amazon for Prices



Overall Quality




Easy to Clean


Easy to Install


Good for Small to Medium Dogs


Protects Door from Scratches



  • Easy to Install
  • No Hardware Required
  • Fits Standard Doors
  • Easily trimmed to fit area
  • Optional Noise Control Feature
  • Great for Most Small-Medium Dogs
  • Noisy Side Alerts When Dog Needs Out!
  • Works for Cats too!
  • Made in USA


  • Not meant for Large Dogs
  • Won't work with Heavy Scratching
  • Doesn't Cover the Whole Door
  • Dog may be able to move/slide it over
  • Not for Use on Glass Doors

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