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Reviews of Products for Dogs –

Training Aids,Treats, Toys, Books, & More!

Reviews of Products for Dogs - Training Aids,Treats, Toys, Books, & More!
Find info on dog-related products and make it easier to choose the right one for your dog!

Hey there, fellow dog owners!

There are so many things out there for our dogs isn’t there? And, they all promise they’re the best, right?

Of course, that’s not always the case, which is why I created these reviews after checking out various products and reviews from others so you won’t have to…

So you can find the things that would work better for your dog.

Remember, not all dogs are the same…some things work for some dogs, while they may not work for other dogs. It all depends on your dog and how much you actually “know” about your dog and what it likes or not.

I’ve found if something works well for most, its likely that it will work as it should for my dogs.

My reviews here are all based on either highly recommended products by other dog owners, or ones I would recommend since I have personally used them for my dogs and found them to be worth my money.

Check out the pages below to read the reviews – just click the link to go to the page you want!



Dog Toys

Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Dog Treats

Best Dog Treats

Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Grooming Tools

Dog Crates Reviews

Midwest iCrate Double Door Crate Review


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Interested in finding toys for your dog right now? Click on the images below to find them at Amazon! Although not all of these shown below are for heavy chewers, I did check these out first and all three have good reviews from those that have already bought them, so if you like, go see for yourself!

Want to find out more about these products below?
Click on the images to find out more info about these from Amazon.

**Remember….Please always supervise your dog when it has a new toy until you know it is not chewing off pieces and possibly swallowing them! Also, when buying a new toy, always check the size of dog it is recommended for since a toy that is too small for your dog may pose a choking hazard! For your dog’s sake, replace any toys that are falling apart and get a new one!**



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      Thanks for reading, and I’m glad you liked the points I made on these product reviews. I hope they’ve helped you in making a decision on what to get your dog. If you have anything dog related you’d like more info on I’ll be glad to do another review here. Just let me know. I’d be more than happy to know what questions you may have about dogs or any kind of dog products. I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP. Best wishes 🙂 -Sherry


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