Midwest iCrate Double Door Home Training Travel Series – Review

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Looking for a large dog crate for your dog?

Not sure which one to get?

There are so many different brands of dog crates out there it’s always hard to pick out which one is best for your dog…it seems the bigger the dog, the more frustrating it is to find a good, comfy one for your dog.

Not to mention, one that’s able to keep your dog safely contained…’cause who knows what kind of mischief it’ll get into if it should sneak its way out of it while you’re gone…or maybe you’ve had that experience already after buying a poorly designed and rather shoddily built crate, and you DO know what it will do…and want to avoid having that happen again.

That’s why I thought I’d spend some time researching larger-sized dog crates and here’s one that I found to have some really high recommendations from other dog owners according to their reviews on Amazon.

Midwest iCrate Double Door Home Training Travel Series Dog CrateMidwest iCrate Double-Door Dog Crate

Product: Midwest iCrate Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
Price: Check Price at Amazon here Midwest iCrate with double doors
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon ratings at time of this writing)
Size: 42 inches L x 28 inches W x 30 inches H
*Note: there are also 5 other sizes available- four smaller sizes and one even larger crate

The Midwest iCrate Double-Door is one of the highest-rated large dog crates that I could find after going through a lot of reviews about crates. Believe me, there’s a lot of them just about this particular dog crate there on Amazon…1,572 and counting.

Plus, the price isn’t a whole lot in my opinion especially when you want to have the peace of mind you’re buying a crate that will do the job it’s supposed to…keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable while you’re gone.

Pros: Many dog owners are quite happy with this dog crate. Some of the things they really like about it are these features:

  • 2 doors — making it easier to find a good place for it in your home without having to place it somewhere you don’t want just because of the placement of the door.
  • Removable plastic pan — easy clean up if an accident happens
  • Free divider panel — adjust the length of the crate as your puppy grows
  • Easy to set up — no tools required
  • Folds up and has detachable carrying handles — makes carrying it a bit easier

Cons: About the only cons about this crate I found were these:

  • According to one review I found it may not be the best crate for REALLY determined dogs — dogs that are not properly crate trained and are large, powerfully built and determined to get out may be able to eventually bend the bars enough to pop the door latches open
  • Wire gauge or size could be a bit thicker according to a couple of the reviews

My Rating: Would I buy the Midwest iCrate with double doors for my dogs? Yes, I certainly would give this one a try…after all, at the time I’m writing this review 1,114 dog owners at the time of this writing, give this dog crate 5 stars…

and after reading through a LOT of what people that already own this dog crate had to say about it and NOT being able to find very many negative things said about it at all…

Well, that’s why I included it here…and would recommend it for your big puppy dog…

However, if you find you might need an even heavier duty crate for your dog read the review on the Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Crate.

Tips Before Buying a Crate For Your Dog

Just make sure you check for yourself and please do read the sizes available there and how to choose the right one for your dog or puppy. If you’re new at owning a dog or using a crate with your dog another really good idea to do is to properly crate train your dog…sure, it takes a little time and effort, but it’ll make you both a lot happier in the long run. Believe me. It will.

And, if it’s still a puppy, think about what size it’ll grow up to be when it’s full grown…and the fact that you’d want it to have room to be able to move around in there a bit once it IS full grown. Otherwise, you’ll be buying another crate sooner than you think.

You can order it from the link below:

Midwest iCrate with double doors

Have you tried the Midwest iCrate for your dog? What did you think about it? I’d love to know, so please leave me a comment and tell me what you have to say about it.

Best wishes to you and your furry friend 🙂 -Sherry

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