What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair? Do Shark Navigator Vacuums Stand a Fighting Chance Against Dog Hair?

What is the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Tired of Dog Hair Everywhere You Look? Wondering What’s the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair? Sick and tired of dog hair everywhere even after you just finished vacuuming? I know what you’re going through! We had five dogs in our home for many years, which dwindled to only three now, and it’s still almost a … Read more

The Best Dog Hair Detangler – The Stuff Spray Review

dog hair detangler

What’s “The Stuff,” Dog Hair Detangler & Conditioner Anyways? The Stuff, as it’s called, is a leave-in hair conditioner and dematting spray for dogs, which is best used after giving your dog a bath. It’s a ready-to-use silicone formulated spray. Other concentrated versions are available, but this is already mixed and ready to go. It … Read more

Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews – Curved Grooming Shears for Dogs

Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews - Long-Haired Chihuahua

Dog Grooming Scissors Review – Shears Direct Japanese 440C Curved Ball-Tip Shears Recently, I wrote a post about small dogs and their fur…yes, their fur! And, it got me thinking of what I use on our little dogs for grooming and what I’ve found I like to use, which is the curved, rounded-tip or as … Read more