Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

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Are You Looking for a Great Dog Toy for Your Aggressive Chewer?

Want something to keep your dog busy playing or chewing, but tired of buying stuff only to have it destroyed it in a day?

Keep your Dog Happy
Keep your dog from getting bored…

Listed below are the ones that I have found that my dogs love and also are quite durable…which makes us all happy!

I’m sick and tired of having to buy a new toy and then get it home and it ends up in pieces the first day!

What about you? Does your dog destroy its brand new toys or chews the first day?

We have four dogs in our family…why? I don’t know…just ’cause we love ’em!

Two of them are very heavy chewers. One is an Old English Bulldog and the other, his baby, is part Old English Bulldog and part Husky/yellow lab mix.

I have quit buying stuffed plush toys altogether…they end up getting a hold of them and they are ancient history!

Plus, I don’t like cleaning up stuffing everywhere or the thought that they may end up swallowing it either. Although these can be great for “normal” dogs that don’t chew as much as the two I mentioned.

When I only owned a small dog for awhile, a stuffed plush squeaky toy was her favorite toy, which she had for 15 years! So, it really depends on the dog. 

Anyways, to start off with here’s

Five Toys & Chews I Recommend.

These will keep your best furry friend happy and busy…

chewing on these chews & dog toys instead of your shoes!

Great Dog Split Jumbos–2, 5″ Jumbo Split Antler Chews

Product: Great Dog Split Jumbos–2, 5″ Jumbo Split Antler Chews (Sourced & Made in USA)
Price: Check price at Amazon
My Rating: 9 out of 10
Size: 2.1 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches


  • Long lasting *
  • Natural
  • No odor *
  • No mess * – like some of the other dog bones
  • Sourced and made in USA
  • Made from naturally shed antlers – no harm done to elks and antlers grow back every year
  • Marrow from antlers provides “40 essential minerals, amino acids and other nutrients including calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium while helping to reduce the tartar build up on your pet’s teeth” (according to product description)


  • Not many reviews for this product yet
  • Price – a bit high *
  • One of the split antlers didn’t have any marrow * (other one did)

(*according to verified customer reviews at Amazon)

Okay, these aren’t exactly toys, but they are great for dogs that love to chew and it’ll keep them busy!

Antler chews are highly recommended by many dog owners as being durable and long lasting. The chews here are made from elk antlers and split to provide dogs easier access to the nutrient-rich marrow inside of the antlers. I’ve yet to try these with our dogs, but I keep hearing a lot about antler chews…some dog owners love ’em, but some don’t…

Since this is something I’d like to try with our dogs, I thought I’d add these antler chew to the list. I definitely recommend giving these a try with your dog…but, of course, as with any new product be sure to supervise your dog with it.

Please do make sure you check the product out yourself first…see if it appears to be the correct size for your dog first. Any chew toy, antler, or bone that is too small can be a choking hazard…so, make sure it’s not so small the dog can fit the whole thing in it’s mouth.

Antler chews are longer lasting than other dog bones and also they provide essential vitamins and minerals for your dog. They are also a renewable source from shed deer and elk antlers.

So, if you are looking for something for your dog with ALL NATURAL ingredients, try these Great Dog Split Jumbos–2, 5″ Jumbo Split Antler Chews (Sourced & Made in USA) **since you can’t get any more natural than that!

Indestructible Dog Ball by Monster K9 Dog Toys

Product: Indestructible Dog Ball – 100% Non-toxic Chew Toy – Dog Ball for Aggressive Chewers By Monster k9 Dog Toys
Price: Check Prices at Amazon
My Rating: 9 out of 10 **
Size: 7 cm diameter (roughly the size of a baseball or tennis ball)*
Weight: 5.6 ounces


  • Durable for strong chewers to play fetch
  • 100% Non-toxic material
  • Bounces on hard surfaces
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee (According to seller at Amazon)
  • Keeps dogs busy in a positive way
  • Dogs seem to love playing with this ball*
  • Great ball for strong chewers – holds up much better than most indestructible dog toys*


  • Not indestructible for some dogs
  • Doesn’t float
  • A bit too heavy *some were worried about the ball hitting the dog’s teeth when playing catch and causing injury

(*according to verified customer reviews at Amazon)

In my opinion, this indestructible ball by Monster K9 Dog Toys is another great way to keep your dog busy! This is a great toy for large dogs that love to chew and play. Another good thing about it is the fact that it really isn’t expensive at all, plus with the lifetime replacement guarantee, I really can’t see any problem ordering this myself.

Our dog, Jade loves to chase tennis balls, but sadly they never last for long since she ends up crushing them to bits as she mouths and chews at them as she’s bringing it back to me. This is a great alternative to buying tennis balls all the time, so I think this is definitely worth it!

Your dog will love chasing it around…it bounces! So, try not to get too carried away while throwing it!

I’d definitely recommend giving the Indestructible Dog Ball by Monster K9 a try especially if your dog loves to play fetch and chase a ball around!

The Nylabone Dura Chew Value Pack, (Regular)

Product: Nylabone Dura Chew Pooch Pacifier Chew Bone Value Pack
Price: Check Prices at Amazon
Rating: 7 out of 10
Size: Regular/small (for dogs up to 25 lbs.) (dimensions: 4.5 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches ; 5.6 ounces)

The Nylabone Dura Chew Regular size is the perfect way to keep a smaller dog happy. These are made of nylon and seem quite durable as long as you order the proper size!


  • Helps clean teeth
  • Made of durable Nylon especially for strong chewers
  • Made in USA
  • Satisfies dog’s urge to chew & keeps it busy
  • Helps dog’s breath smell better *
  • Easy to wash *
  • Lasts a long time*
  • Cost – Cheap


  • Some dogs weren’t interested in chewing these*
  • Too big for their small dog *
  • Too small for their dog *
  • One dog owner’s review stated that these may be the cause of her dog breaking its tooth*
  • Non-edible – these are NOT meant to be digested

*(According to verified customer reviews at Amazon)

Yes, size does matter!

If you’re not sure how much your dog weighs or if it is a very aggressive chewer, I would move a size up. That way it won’t be able to chew or break off pieces of it.

The ones pictured here are for small dogs weighing 25 pounds or less, so if your dog weighs a bit more than 25 pounds, I would recommend a bigger size such as the medium, which is for dogs 35 pounds or less.

So, if you own a dog such as a pit bull terrier or something similar size, I’d recommend you check its weight…I’m pretty sure these dogs at adult age weigh more than 25 pounds.

These long lasting bones are made in the USA and used by many dog owners to keep their dog busy in a good way…chewing these bones instead of your shoes!

I’d definitely recommend giving the Nylabone Dura Chews a try with your dog, but again, make sure to order the correct size for your dog’s weight first.

Your dog is more than 25 pounds or is really tough on chew toys? No problem…there’s more sizes of Nylabone available!

West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Tux Dog Toy from Zogoflex.

Product: West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Large Tux Dog Toy from Zogoflex
Price: Check Prices at Amazon
My Rating: 9 out of 10
Size: 6 inches x 6 inches x 3 inches; 10.6 oz


  • Fillable chew toy for dogs
  • Made of tough material for heavy, strong chewers
  • Safe for dogs BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant
  • Made in the USA (Bozeman, Montana, USA)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recyclable
  • 100% guaranteed against dog damage by manufacturer
  • Floats & bounces – fun on land and in the water
  • Keeps dog busy and stimulated
  • Only toy dog hasn’t destroyed *


  • Opening too large to keep treats or kibble in for long*
  • Some dogs aren’t too interested in playing with it*
  • Not durable enough for some dogs*
  • Too large or heavy for some dogs (I noticed owners of dogs around 25 pounds stating this in their reviews)*

*(According to verified customer reviews at Amazon)

Yes, it’s another toy that you can fill up with your dog’s favorite treats…I guess I seem to like stuff like that for my dogs since it keeps ’em busy!

After checking these out and seeing what others say about these toys, it looks like a lot of other people recommend these too!

As an idea to help one of the common problems about this toy, which is the opening being too large, I found a couple things you might want to try:

  • Use larger treats or half a dental bone inside
  • Fill it with kibble and then top it with cream cheese, peanut butter, or melted cheese to seal in the food so it takes longer for your dog to get to the treats inside
  • Fill it with either treats or kibble mixed with peanut butter and freeze it before giving to dog

These toys are dishwasher safe and also are free from harmful things like latex, rubber, and phalate. The Tux dog toy also bounces and floats, so your dog can have a lot of fun with it on land and in the water….that’s if your dog likes to swim of course!

I’d definitely recommend these and think this is definitely worth a try…after all, 778 customer reviews & the majority of them positive, is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, it’s 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer…

Check out the West Paw Design Guaranteed Tough Tux Dog Toy for yourself and see if it’s something your dog might enjoy!

The Nylabone Gallileo Bone Dog Chew Toy

Product: The Nylabone Gallileo Bone Dog Chew Toy
Price: Check Prices at Amazon
My Rating: 9 out of 10
Size: Souper/X-Large (dimensions: 7.5 x 1.9 x 3.6 inches ; 1.2 pounds)


  • Durable chew bone for dogs 50 or more pounds
  • Made of extra tough Nylon
  • Unique design good for oral health
  • Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar
  • Keeps dogs busy & satisfies their natural chewing urge
  • Dog loves chewing on it*
  • Only chew toy dog hasn’t been able to destroy*
  • Made in the USA


  • Sharp edges after dog chewed on the toy*
  • Not durable for some dogs*
  • Too heavy – hurts if dog drops it on your foot*

*(According to verified customer reviews at Amazon)

I haven’t tried this one yet…I mean my dogs haven’t tried it yet! But, it has a lot of really great reviews from other people, so that is why I thought I’d include it here.

Actually, I think I’m going to buy a couple of these for our dogs next time I need to buy new chew toys. No way to know for myself unless I try it out on our dogs…and seeing it has 564 reviews, mainly positive, this looks like a great one to try out.

This Souper/X-large Nylabone is supposed to be extra tough for “the most powerful chewers” according to its description. The Gallileo Bone is made for dogs that weigh more than 50 pounds so if your dog is less than 50 lbs., I’d recommend checking the size chart available at Amazon in the product description.

Hey, if you try it with your dog before I try it with mine, let me know how it goes with yours… I’d be very interested in hearing what people have to say about this one since it is very highly recommended. Check it out for yourself here…Nylabone Galileo Bone Dog Chew Toy, Souper

These are all toys I recommend for Aggressive Chewers, at least for now.

However, there are sooo many dog toys and treats out there that I’m sure I’ll be adding another post on this in the future.

**PLEASE do remember to supervise your dog with ANY toy to see how well it holds up first! Replace any toys that have pieces coming off or are just getting old and less durable**…better safe than sorry!

Remember, if you decide to order a new toy for your dog, make sure to get the right size for your dog...some of these toys do come in different sizes!


Thanks for reading and if you found this helpful or know someone who might like this… Please share it!

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Best wishes to you & your furry friend!


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      Another chew toy that you might find fun to play fetch with your dog is the Zogoflex Tizzi, a treat-stuffable chew toy made by West Paw.

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