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Don’t Forget Your Best Friend on Christmas – 5 Best Dog Toys!

Christmas is coming!

What are you getting for your best friend?

Or, have you even thought of your furry pal yet?

I thought I’d check out some dog toys I think would be great ideas for you to get your dog for Christmas.

After all, they need something to do too, so why not get them something they’d enjoy. Right?

Anyways, I hope you find these reviews helpful in finding a dog toy your dog will love!

5 Best Dog Toys

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Christmas Tips for Dog Owners

Does your dog have behavior problems during the Christmas season? Why do you think that is?Save Your Christmas Tree from Getting Chewed Up

Well, if your dog normally doesn’t have behavior problems until you start getting out the Christmas decorations and drag in the good ole’ Christmas tree then that might be a part of it. Think about what is going on differently than usual.

Do you usually have a nice, neat house and nothing laying around on the floor or at least within easy reach of your dog?

Your dog is probably thinking oooh, these look like great fun to chew on….hmmm, I wonder what that tastes like? Is it food?

You’re just tempting your dog to go ahead and chew on something!

Sure, I know it’s not possible to keep everything out of your dogs reach. Especially at Christmas time in a small home or apartment. I know my house isn’t huge and doesn’t have a lot of options either to store all our junk in.

What Can You Do?

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