Time for a change!

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Hey there,

I’m just dropping a quick post here to anyone visiting this site on a regular basis…

I’ve got a lot of work yet to do on this to get everything running smoothly, so please bear with me, okay?

I’ve finally changed my theme after a lot of testing…I hope this one will work out better and be more readable, easier to use for everyone…both you and me!

The last theme just wasn’t making me happy and it was time to change it since if I couldn’t read things there that good…Well, I’m sure some of you had the same problems!

If there is anything that you notice needs fixing, or is not working… do let me know.

Now, onwards to fix the images, so they’ll show up where they should in the recent posts section!

Take care of yourself and your best furry friends 🙂 -Sherry


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