Dog Toys and Aggressive Chewers

Dog Toys and Aggressive Chewers

Dog Toys and Aggressive Chewers–What Toys are Best?

Do you have a Dog that Destroys Everything?

Have you bought toy after toy for your dog and it gets chewed to pieces the same day?

Well, if that’s the case, you’ve got an aggressive chewer that will chew and chew on that toy til nothing is left but the pieces…

for you to clean up time after time.

And, I bet you’re tired of it, right?

I mean cleaning up the mess…not your dog!

Of course, you love your dog and just want something that it can chew on safely and without the mess…am I right?

I know how it can be…I own two aggressive chewers myself and I love ’em, but it can be soooo frustrating to buy toys for these two! I’ve bought so many toys only to see them ripped to bits in a day or two. I’m constantly picking up the pieces after buying toys for these dogs!

At least some toys, but not all! There are some dog toys that DO last…Thankfully!

Durable Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

The most durable toys for our two aggressive chewers are made of solid rubber, such as the Kong dog toys, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. Plus, some are made to be filled with treats to keep them busy for awhile, which is not only a great way to keep them from bugging you continuously, but these will also keep them mentally stimulated since dogs do get bored too!

Kong Dog Toys

Kong Extreme Dog Toys, Black

dog toys extreme KongProduct: Kong Extreme Dog Toy, Black
List Price: $22.99 Sale Price: $17.27 (for X-Large toy, prices vary according to size!)
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large*
Made in: USA
Material: Durable rubber
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 *(based on 3,863 reviews on Amazon)

The Kong Extreme dog toys are made for aggressive chewers like my dogs, the power chewers of the dog world! These tough toys come in a variety of sizes and are fillable toys. You can fill these up with your dog’s favorite treats to keep them busy for about 20 minutes or sometimes longer depending what you use to fill it with.

I’d recommend using peanut butter mixed with dry kibble or other dry treats, so it’ll keep ’em busy a bit longer. You can also freeze these toys after filling them up and that will add even more time for your dog to keep working at getting those goodies out.

These extreme toys from Kong are made of a durable black rubber compound in the USA, which is another plus in my book. I feel safer knowing this and maybe you do too.


  • Made for powerful chewers
  • Variety of sizes
  • Fillable
  • Bounces – great for playtime!
  • Helps dogs with separation anxiety, barking, and digging problems
  • Useful tool for crate training
  • Many other dog owners including veterinarians, animal shelters, military K-9 teams, police (drug enforcement), and AKC trainers use and recommend the Kong toys


  • Smell bad*
  • Not all dogs are interested in playing/chewing these*
  • Not entirely indestructible with some dogs*

* No matter what toy you buy for your dog, please do remember that all dogs are different. It may work well for many, but not all dogs. It depends on how much of a chewer your dog is, it’s size and strength. For dogs that chew extremely heavily even for extreme chewers, it’s recommended to order a size larger than what it recommends in the sizing chart.

Please supervise your dog with any new toy and observe for any pieces or breakage while it’s chewing or playing with it. If it becomes worn or pieces are coming off, it’s time to replace it!

Sizing Chart (according to checking through each size listing on Amazon)

Small: Dogs up to 20 lbs. Dimensions:   3  inches x 1.8 inches x 1.8 inches; Weight: 1.8 oz.

Medium: Dogs 15-35 lbs. Dimensions: 3.5 inches x 2.2 inches x 2.2 inches; Weight: 1.6 oz.

Large: Dogs 30-65 lbs.      Dimensions:  4   inches x 2.8 inches x 2.8 inches; Weight:   4  oz.

X-Large: Dogs 60-90 lbs.  Dimensions:  5   inches x 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches; Weight:  12  oz.

XX-Large: Dogs 85 +  lbs. Dimensions:  6   inches x 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches; Weight:  1.2 lbs.

dog toys aggressive chewers kong extreme xl

(Click image to order!)

The X-Large size works well for dogs 60-90 pounds…mine are both in that range and these have done just fine with our two destructive dogs. One is an Old English Bulldog, and the other is a mixed breed, 1/2–Old English Bulldog and 1/2–husky/yellow lab mix. And, no this is NOT the type of bulldog that is short and small…this breed is a rather long-legged, taller breed of bulldog and very powerfully built.

Reading through the many reviews on Amazon, quite a few other dog owners use the X-large size for pit bulls, German shepherds, American bullies, boxers, and labs…just to name a few that I found mentioned quite often in the reviews of the X-large size Kong Extreme…

Hopefully this will help you choose the correct size for your dog. If you order one that is too small, it may not work that well and your dog may be able to chew pieces off… Or, heaven forbid…fit the whole thing in its mouth, which may cause a choking hazard as with any toy if it’s too small in relation to the dog’s size…so, please be aware of the sizes and recommendations.

>>Yes, I’d like to Order the Kong Extreme for my dog <<

What do you think of Kong Extreme Dog Toys? Have you ever used these? Do you have any suggestions or other recommendations you’d like to share? Questions you’d like to ask?

Please do let me know in the comment box below…I’d love to hear from you!


How to Stop a Dog Chewing Does Bitter Apple Spray Work

How to Stop a Dog Chewing – Does Bitter Apple Spray Work?

Is your dog chewing on everything in sight?

                            As soon as you turn around, it’s chewing on something again….

So, how do you stop a dog from chewing things up like this?

You’ve tried giving your dog something that it CAN chew on, but it’s still not working…it’s still chewing on your furniture, shoes, cords, and everything it can get it’s paws on…and, you’re not sure what will help put a stop to this anymore…

If your furry friend is changing into a destructive fiend bent on chewing everything to tiny pieces, which you’re left picking up day after day….

Don’t give up hope just yet…there’s still a few things you can try!

Ever heard of the bitter apple sprays? Do they actually work?

Well, I’d like to share what I’ve learned after researching a few different brands and what other dog owners have to say about them…so far I haven’t yet had to resort to using these, but I’d give them a try if my dogs were chewing on everything. Much cheaper than buying new furniture and running the risk of chewed electrical cords…

So, on to what I’ve found that could work for your dog…

Reviews of Anti-chew sprays
(Click the links below to skip to each review)

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent

Anti-Chew Dog Repellent Spray

Chewfix Extra Strength Anti-Chew Spray

*Ratings are based on what I found at Amazon at the time of writing these reviews. *(Updated: 7-13-2017)

**Please note: Not all things will work for all dogs…like people, every dog is different…different personality, breed, condition/health, temperament, etc. may affect how well or not something will work…so, it’s up to you to choose what you believe is best for your dog based on what you observe and know about your dog. These are just suggestions you might want to try with your dog that may help…if you do try any of these please read all the labels and directions before use. **

Grannick’s Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent


Grannicks bitter apple spray

Click to learn more at Amazon!

Product: Grannick’s Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent, 32-ounce, by Grannick’s Bitter Apple
List Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $16.54 (*Save $8.45)
Size: 32-ounces
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 (*268 reviews at this time on Amazon)
Place to Buy: Amazon

Pros: This bitter-tasting anti-chew formula does appear to work for many dogs and can be used on furniture, shoes, fur, bandages, cords, etc. It’s an easy to apply, non-toxic formula that is NOT supposed to stain fabrics, painted or varnished woodwork.

This bitter apple  is safe to use on bandages too. So, if your dog has any kind of wound or sore that needs to heal, but your dog is too busy picking at the bandages or dressing to give it a chance to heal over then this might just do the trick!

Cons: This anti-chew product may need to be frequently reapplied to surfaces…possibly every few days or so according to some of the reviews I read. Plus, some dog owners that tried this with their dog found that it didn’t work…instead, their dogs actually liked the taste rather than avoided it.

Another thing about this bitter apple formula that I noted is that it may cause leather to change color…so, you might want to test a small area that won’t be too noticeable before using it all over your brand new leather couch.

My Recommendation: If you’ve never tried Grannick’s Bitter Apple before, I’d definitely recommend at least giving it a try with a smaller size bottle. That way you can give it a try to see how it works for your dog or not. Since it’s been around awhile and is non-toxic, plus there’s so many other dog owners that swear by it…well, why not?

*Want to order one for your dog? Just click the link below…

>> Grannicks Bitter Apple Dog Chew Deterrent, 32-Ounce<<

Anti-Chew Dog Repellent Spray


Anti Chew Dog Repellent Natural Rapport

Click the image to find out more at Amazon!

Product: Anti-Chew Dog Repellent Spray by Natural Rapport
List Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $13.95 (*Save $6.00)
Size: 9.6 ounces
Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (*157 reviews at this time at Amazon)
Place to Buy: Amazon

Pros: Uses all natural ingredients and NO harmful alcohol. This anti-chew spray can be used to repel both dogs and cats from chewing on furniture, shoes, cords, rugs, and even your live house plants. This spray can be used on plants since there isn’t any alcohol it this one, unlike many of the other sprays out there.

According to others who’ve tried this on their dogs, this product by Natural Rapport worked very well compared to other sprays they tried and although it doesn’t state whether or not it can be used on your actual dog such as on its fur to keep it from biting and chewing at certain areas or wounds, I did find through reading the reviews there that yes, you can spray it on your actual dog.

This dog owner contacted the manufacturer of this anti-chew spray to ask whether she could use it on her dog’s paws to stop it from constantly biting and chewing its nails. Apparently, the answer was yes, and the dog owner went ahead and sprayed her dog’s paws/nails with it…the result was the dog stopped doing this behavior.

Cons: Although this spray worked very well for many dog owners, there were also quite a few others that stated it didn’t work at all. Another issue that was brought up is the fact that there isn’t an actual ingredients list on the bottle, nor one on their website either. So, although the ingredients are supposed to be “natural” people can’t find out what exactly this product contains. One other dog owner also had a complaint about the spray being hard to wash off hands and it was irritating to the eyes and throat when it was sprayed on objects.

My Recommendation: I’d give this Anti-Chew Dog Repellent spray a try since it would be great to be able to spray any house plants that may be within the dog’s reach. I’ve unfortunately had that happen before with one of my huge house plants, (about three to four feet tall huge)…well, when I got home it no longer existed except in itty-bitty pieces.

I’d had this plant since I was a kid and after all those years it was gone in a few hours, so yeah, I was a bit upset. But, I was also grateful the dogs didn’t get sick or even have a fatal reaction to chewing up this plant…I had no idea what kind of plant this was, but I do know some plants are toxic, even deadly to dogs.

So, if I should be so lucky as to have another plant grow that big, I’d definitely be giving this spray a try. Plus, it appeared to work well on other things too according to many of the dog owners that have already tried this product.

*Want to give this one a try? You can order one for your dog now, just click the link below!

>>Order Anti Chew Dog Repellent Spray – Stops Destructive Chewing<<

Chewfix Extra Strength Bitter Spray


Chewfix Anti-Chew Repellent Bitter Spray 32 ozProduct: Professional Strength Pet Anti-Chew Repellent-Chewfix Bitter Spray by Barker & Pooch
List Price: $39.99 Sale: $19.99 (50% off)
Size: 32 ounces
Rating:  3.5 out of 5 (*646 Reviews at this time at Amazon)
Place to Buy: Amazon

Pros: The Chewfix Bitter Spray deters not only dogs but also cats and horses from chewing too. This can be sprayed on furniture, wood, fabric, walls, blinds, curtains, plants, electrical cords, and even your pet itself. Contains NO Alcohol. Can be safely used directly on top of topical medication to keep dogs from chewing and licking at sore areas such as hot spots and surgical sites to prevent further damage to their skin/fur and to keep them from accidentally re-opening a wound or stitches according to others that have tried this anti-chew spray. Another plus, that I find is that it’s made in the U.S.A. and has a 365-day money back guarantee.


Water, Bittering Agent and Citric Acid

*I haven’t tried this spray yet myself since I haven’t had any need for a anti-chew spray lately with our dogs, but according to many that have used it, they found it stopped their dogs unwanted chewing behaviors as long as they kept re-applying it to the areas the dog was likely to chew. And, for some, it took only a few times until their dog or cat learned not to chew on the things that Chewfix was applied to and now don’t need to apply it anymore.

Cons: Extremely bitter tasting, so be careful on how you use it! There were quite a few that mentioned after spraying items with the Chewfix anti-chew spray they ended up with a bitter taste in their own mouths. Another drawback was that some got it on their hands after touching things that were still a bit wet from the spray and also got the bitter taste in their mouth or on their lips not realizing it until it was too late.

As always, not all products will work the same for all dogs or cats….or probably horses either. Some have different tastes or maybe aren’t very sensitive to bitter tastes, so although it works great for some, it doesn’t work on ALL dogs, cats, and horses.

My Recommendation: .Since the Chewfix has a 365-day money back guarantee and is safe to use on any type of surface, even safe enough to use on the pet directly, I’d definitely give this one a try. Much better to try it than have the dog, cat, or even your horse chewing on everything.

Another thing I’d recommend to do for using this product is to spray it into a cloth or a cotton ball instead of spraying directly on something. This seemed to help those that use this spray from getting the bitter taste in the air and then into their noses or mouths. I’d also recommend if you use it on furniture to wait until it’s completely dry before sitting on it and make sure to wash your hands after using the spray! Another measure of precaution is I’d probably use some disposable gloves to avoid getting it on the hands in the first place.

>>Click here to Order: Chewfix Extra Strength Bitter Spray, 32 oz<<

If one of these products doesn’t work out as planned, I’d then try one of the other two, but I do also wonder why the Anti-Chew Dog Repellent spray by Natural Rapport doesn’t list its ingredients anywhere, which makes me a bit concerned as to what exactly are the “natural” ingredients in there.

Well that’s it for now….

I hope you found these reviews helpful and if your dog is chewing up everything in your house I do hope you find the solution that works for your dog…

Have you ever tried any of these products with your dog? I’d love to know what you thought of them…and, if you have any other suggestions I’d love to hear about them too! Please feel free to comment in the box below!

Please feel free to share this with your friends and fellow dog owners! Thanks for reading and I hope you and your canine friend have an awesome day! -Sherry

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Midwest iCrate Double Door Home Training Travel Series Review

Midwest iCrate Double Door Home Training Travel Series – Review

Looking for a large dog crate for your dog?

Not sure which one to get?

There are so many different brands of dog crates out there it’s always hard to pick out which one is best for your dog…it seems the bigger the dog, the more frustrating it is to find a good, comfy one for your dog.

Not to mention, one that’s able to keep your dog safely contained…’cause who knows what kind of mischief it’ll get into if it should sneak its way out of it while you’re gone…or maybe you’ve had that experience already after buying a poorly designed and rather shoddily built crate, and you DO know what it will do…and want to avoid having that happen again.

That’s why I thought I’d spend some time researching larger-sized dog crates and here’s one that I found to have some really high recommendations from other dog owners according to their reviews on Amazon.

Midwest iCrate Double Door Home Training Travel Series Dog CrateMidwest iCrate Double-Door Dog Crate

Product: Midwest iCrate Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate
List Price: $119.99
Price: $55.99 (53% off)
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Amazon ratings at time of this writing)
Size: 42 inches L x 28 inches W x 30 inches H
*Note: there are also 5 other sizes available- four smaller sizes and one even larger crate

The Midwest iCrate Double-Door is one of the highest-rated large dog crates that I could find after going through a lot of reviews about crates. Believe me, there’s a lot of them just about this particular dog crate there on Amazon…1,572 and counting.

Plus, the price isn’t a whole lot in my opinion especially when you want to have the peace of mind you’re buying a crate that will do the job it’s supposed to…keep your dog safe, secure, and comfortable while you’re gone.

Pros: Many dog owners are quite happy with this dog crate. Some of the things they really like about it are these features:

  • 2 doors — making it easier to find a good place for it in your home without having to place it somewhere you don’t want just because of the placement of the door.
  • Removable plastic pan — easy clean up if an accident happens
  • Free divider panel — adjust the length of the crate as your puppy grows
  • Easy to set up — no tools required
  • Folds up and has detachable carrying handles — makes carrying it a bit easier

Cons: About the only cons about this crate I found were these:

  • According to one review I found it may not be the best crate for REALLY determined dogs — dogs that are not properly crate trained and are large, powerfully built and determined to get out may be able to eventually bend the bars enough to pop the door latches open
  • Wire gauge or size could be a bit thicker according to a couple of the reviews

My Rating: Would I buy the Midwest iCrate with double doors for my dogs? Yes, I certainly would give this one a try…after all, at the time I’m writing this review 1,114 dog owners give this dog crate 5 stars…

and after reading through a LOT of what people that already own this dog crate had to say about it and NOT being able to find very many negative things said about it at all…

Well, that’s why I included it here…and would recommend it for your big puppy dog…

Tips Before Buying a Crate For Your Dog

Just make sure you check for yourself and please do read the sizes available there and how to choose the right one for your dog or puppy. If you’re new at owning a dog or using a crate with your dog another really good idea to do is to properly crate train your dog…sure, it takes a little time and effort, but it’ll make you both a lot happier in the long run. Believe me. It will.

And, if it’s still a puppy, think about what size it’ll grow up to be when it’s full grown…and the fact that you’d want it to have room to be able to move around in there a bit once it IS full grown. Otherwise, you’ll be buying another crate sooner than you think.

Have you tried the Midwest iCrate for your dog? What did you think about it? I’d love to know, so please leave me a comment and tell me what you have to say about it.

Best wishes to you and your furry friend 🙂 -Sherry