How to Calm Dog Down

How to Calm Dog Down Do you have a dog that just won’t settle down?   and its driving you crazy with its “bad” behaviors? Barking too much, chewing the furniture, jumping up on you, fearful of loud noises…thunderstorms and fireworks causing it to shake in fear and cling to you like glue? Sound Familiar … Read more

How to Stop a Dog Chewing – Does Bitter Apple Spray Work?

How to Stop a Dog Chewing Does Bitter Apple Spray Work

Is your dog chewing on everything in sight? As soon as you turn around, it’s chewing on something again…. So, how do you stop a dog from chewing things up like this? You’ve tried giving your dog something that it CAN chew on, but it’s still not working…it’s still chewing on your furniture, shoes, cords, … Read more

How To Stop Dog From Chewing Furniture

How to Keep Your Dog from Chewing Furniture

Tired of Your Dog Devouring Your Expensive Furniture? 5 Essential Steps to Stop Dog Chewing Wondering how to get your dog from chewing on the furniture? Well, keep reading if you… — find that you get home only to find your dog has been busy…while you were away, much to your horror, it was  busy … Read more