How to Calm Dog Down

How to Calm Dog Down Do you have a dog that just won’t settle down?   and its driving you crazy with its “bad” behaviors? Barking too much, chewing the furniture, jumping up on you, fearful of loud noises…thunderstorms and fireworks causing it to shake in fear and cling to you like glue? Sound Familiar … Read more

Calm Dog Separation Anxiety – What You Can Do

Dogs with Separation Anxiety


Is It Possible To Calm Dog Separation Anxiety?

I’d say it’s possible, at least to a point, depending on how bad your dog has it.

It may take a lot of patience and time, but there are ways to make it at least a bit better for your dog…and you.


I know it’s hard to see your best furry friend going through such stress. Plus, it’s no fun dealing with the mess either!

Separation anxiety is a common problem many dog owners face with their dogs. It can range from a mild to severe case.

Dog Anxiety Symptoms

Since some dogs have separation anxiety only to a mild degree and others may have it to an extremely severe degree there’s many different symptoms to look for. But, of course almost all of these occur when the owner leaves home, except for one that I can think of…

I’ll tell you more about that later though…but first,

When your dog is constantly destroying things in your home while you’re gone, I’d consider it a BIG problem! I’ve had the experience of coming home to disaster.

Shoes chewed up, doors and door frames clawed to pieces,

blinds torn off the windows….

all from one little puppy, lol!

Fortunately, our four dogs aren’t that bad anymore. In fact, most of our dogs didn’t go to the extremes of tearing blinds off the windows. The first pup we had many years ago did all that damage all by his lil’ ole self.

Well, it was a lesson well learned from that puppy we named Thor. We learned a lot as we raised him and he eventually grew up to be a very good dog. Since then we’ve had quite a few other puppies and did things a bit differently with them.

We learned how to teach them it’s okay to be alone for awhile… and you can too!

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