Stop Puppy Biting Chewing

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Is Your Puppy Chewing and Biting? Don’t know what to do to stop it?

Your new puppy has been busy hasn’t it?  It seems like every time you turn around there is something else to clean up.

Not just potty accidents but chewed up pieces of stuff!  Well, I know the feeling…it’s never-ending cleaning!

Your new puppy is not doing this on purpose.  Puppies can’t help but bite and chew.  The reason for this is much the same as a baby when they are teething.  Their gums are itchy and irritated and chewing on something helps to get rid of this feeling.

Provide Your Puppy and Even Your Older Dogs With Something To Chew On!

Your little pup is going to chew and chew, at least for a couple of years, if not its whole life. It all depends on the dog. Some love to chew no matter how old they get, while others chew a little bit when they are young, but are just not too interested in it once they become older.

Most of the time, once they reach a couple of years old, puppies tend to stop chewing as much. But, they still like to chew on something once in awhile. It is also good for the teeth, especially since there are some dog toys and treats made for just this purpose. Chewing on these toys or treats helps keep their teeth cleaner and prevents cavities.

So, it is a good idea to get some chew toys for your puppy and adult dogs too. This way, if they want something to chew on, they will not have to chew up your shoes, socks, or even worse, your furniture!

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When Do Puppies Stop Biting?

Usually, it takes some time for a puppy to learn that it should not bite. It also depends on how you train your puppy. They often bite since they do not realize this is wrong and are just having fun playing.  Usually, a firm “no” or “stop” every time your puppy gets too rough and starts biting works.

If he or she keeps biting, even if it is not hard, do not tolerate it.  Remember, your puppy will grow.  He or she will not stay as a puppy, as they get bigger their teeth get bigger.

Quit playing with your pup as soon as this behavior starts and try playing again later.  That way the puppy will realize that this is wrong.

If your pup is persistent at nipping at you, move away from it and ignore it for awhile…don’t let it be able to bite at you this way. For example, if you or your child is sitting on the floor, get up and walk away. You’ll also need to tell your child to do this and if your child is too young to understand this, please don’t leave them on the floor together!

Once your pup has settled down try playing again, but if it starts to nip or bite tell it NO and stop again for awhile.

Eventually it will learn that every time it bites you, play time stops and since puppies and even older dogs love to play, they’ll usually stop this bad behavior.

At least this is how I trained all of my dogs, which do not bite or nip us when playing or giving a treat.

Puppy Proof Your Home

So don’t get too mad at your puppy when you find your shoes or socks chewed up.  Sorry, but it is your fault, you know it is a puppy and likes to chew…lesson learned; pick up your stuff! You should have put them out of the pup’s reach! The best thing to do to avoid this problem is to puppy proof your home as much as possible.

Take a look around your home and try to find anything and everything that the puppy can reach. If it is something you do not want the puppy to chew on, then I would suggest that it be put away from puppy’s reach.

Things such as plants and electrical cords should also be given special consideration when you have a new puppy that does not know any better.  There are many varieties of house plants that can be very deadly or cause illness to your puppy.

Even though dogs are supposed to be carnivores, that doesn’t mean they won’t chew on your plants!

Keep the plants out of their reach to be on the safe side…

You might be surprised on what your pup’s tastes are, lol. Mine look forward to snacks of lettuce, apples, and many other odd things…or so you’d think for a dog to like!

Keep Puppy From Chewing Cords

This can be a very dangerous activity, not only to your puppy, but to everyone in the home.  Chewed or frayed electrical cords may lead to electrical shock or even a house fire.

A good way to keep your puppy from chewing up your electrical cords that have to stay plugged in is to make sure it is not hanging anywhere that your puppy can reach or block it from puppy’s reach.

Since your puppy is going to chew on things whether you like it or not, it’s a good idea to get something that he or she can chew on. Right?

There are all kinds of chew toys and treats for dogs and puppies. Try to find ones that are good for your puppy by looking at what is best for the breed or size of your puppy.

Remember, a puppy does not know any better!

  • Puppy proof your home
    • Keep electrical cords out of reach or cover
    • Put things away – shoes, kid’s toys, etc.
    • Keep plants out of reach
  • Provide puppy with properly sized chew toys – make sure your pup is able to chew it, but not swallow it or bite pieces off
  • Stop playing if puppy bites or nips – try again later
  • Crate train your puppy
  • Inform any other members of the house to keep their things picked up – Good luck on that, but at least you warned them!
  • Never let very young children alone with puppy – neither one of them know any better!

Keep an eye on him or her, just like you would with a younger child.  If you are unable to watch your puppy for awhile, then put him or her somewhere that he or she can’t get into trouble such as a crate or even a small room as long as this room is already puppy proofed and your puppy has learned its potty training lessons.

Happy puppy proofing your home and remember to get your pup some chew toys or teething types of toys.  This will keep your puppy happy and safe and keep you from having everything in your house chewed up.

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What works or doesn’t work for you and your dog? I’d really love to know what my fellow dog owners find good or not.

Please feel free to comment and if you have questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them! 

🙂 -Sherry

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