What Is the Best Tick Repellent For Dogs? Natural or Chemical?

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Is There A Healthier One Out There…that Works?

How do natural tick repellents work compared to chemical? There are so many tick repellents around for dogs that it’s hard to choose which one.

I’ve been asking these questions myself this past year. What is better, natural or chemical? And, of course, how good does it work?

I myself would prefer to use natural products on my dogs since natural products would be much healthier and safer to use for all involved. Chemicals can be harsh on the skin and cause some bad reactions such as skin rashes and itchy skin.

I’d rather NOT have my dogs itching and scratching because of the flea or tick repellant that we put on them.

Plus, although the commercial and well known pesticide sprays, collars, and other tick and flea repellents are easy to use and also easy to find in the local store they may cause a lot of damage to a dog’s kidneys and liver over time.

Remember, most of these are made of toxic chemicals! So, this is why I decided to learn more about what I could use for my dogs that would be safer and still work to keep these darn ticks away.

Is There a Natural Tick Repellent that Works?

Find tick and flea repellents for dogs
(Our sweet dog, Pepper, sunbathing while out camping)

When researching the different natural tick repellents for dogs, one of the products that I kept coming across as working very well on dogs as a tick repellent is Neem Oil or spray.

Benefits of Neem Oil

  • Keeps ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ringworm, and other pests from biting your dog
  • Promotes a shiny and healthy coat
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Safe to use on humans too

Disadvantages of Neem Oil

  • Smells bad. Very bad…but, you may also choose to mix other essential oils with it to make it not smell quite so bad.
  • Recommended not to use on pregnant females or animals (including males) that will be breeding soon
  • Make sure to use only 100% pure, organic Neem oil. There’s many different ones to choose from so be careful to read the label and follow directions on the labels. Many come in a concentrated form that MUST be diluted with water! Often, a drop or two of this potent oil will do…
  • Once you mix the Neem oil with water you must use it within an 8 hour time period.

There’s quite a few different products available with Neem oil in them for dogs and people too. Plus, you can use it as a natural pesticide and repellent for your garden. Sounds much safer than using chemicals to me.

There’s also one thing I must mention about using Neem oil on cats. Yes, I know this site is about dogs, but I’ve come across quite a few warnings about using it on your cats. It seems it is not a very good idea to use this on cats since they are constantly “cleaning” themselves and will end up ingesting it.

There are ways to use this on cats, but be sure to check into it more before using it on your cat. Please use caution when using Neem oil as you would with any product on any animal or human. It is considered a natural pesticide, which kills and repels ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.

It’s Natural, So It’s Completely Harmless…Or Is It?

Just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t harm you or your pets if it isn’t used right.

And, for the love of Pete, don’t let your dog or cat drink it! You neither!

There may be some products with this in them that are meant for “drinking,”  or taken orally, but they are labeled as such and I would believe produced in a different manner than the ones used to spray or rub on your dog’s coat or skin.


So, read the label, please!

For example, there is a spray that you can use on your dog’s coat made by Ark Natural that seems to be pretty effective according to other dog owners that have used it already. But, again…this is a spray for the coat, not meant to be eaten….It’s called Neem Protect Spray and if you’d like…

>>Click here to order Neem Protect Spray<<

Looking up all the stuff that this oil can do, it’s pretty amazing!

From pest repellent for dogs, people, and plants to being a skin treatment, dandruff treatment, and the list goes on.

So, I’ll be doing some more research on this one for sure.

I’d like to mention that there is a shampoo with Neem Oil and Oatmeal that many people seem to be pretty happy with using on their dogs and cats as well.

You can order it here >>All Natural Pure Neem Oil & Oatmeal Dog Cat Shampoo by Bella’s Best<<

(Click image to find out more info at Amazon)

The products that I’ve included here are all ones that I’ve researched to check for quality and to the best of my knowledge, these are all are at least a four-star review at Amazon.

I will probably be trying this out myself sometime in the future although right now the pests in our area aren’t bad at all. Too cold again, I think. Ugh winter’s coming again. 🙁

*Well, I’m just now updating this a bit and it’s April 2014 already, and it’s still tooooo cold! Winter came and went still hasn’t left. Spring? Ha, nowhere to be found! There’s snow on the ground here yet.  🙁

Anyways, I’ll be checking this product out more and hopefully soon!*

As always I’d love to hear your comments! Have you ever used any kind of Neem oil products? What did you think of them?


Please let me know since I’d really like to learn more about this and how it can be used. 🙂

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