The Best Dog Hair Detangler – The Stuff Spray Review

dog hair detangler

What’s “The Stuff,” Dog Hair Detangler & Conditioner Anyways? The Stuff, as it’s called, is a leave-in hair conditioner and dematting spray for dogs, which is best used after giving your dog a bath. It’s a ready-to-use silicone formulated spray. Other concentrated versions are available, but this is already mixed and ready to go. It … Read more

Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews – Curved Grooming Shears for Dogs

Dog Grooming Scissors Reviews - Long-Haired Chihuahua

Dog Grooming Scissors Review – Shears Direct Japanese 440C Curved Ball-Tip Shears Recently, I wrote a post about small dogs and their fur…yes, their fur! And, it got me thinking of what I use on our little dogs for grooming and what I’ve found I like to use, which is the curved, rounded-tip or as … Read more

Two Things You Must Know About Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

small dog breeds that do not shed

Are You Thinking of Getting a Small Dog, but You Don’t Want One that Sheds a Lot? Tired of getting dogs that shed fur everywhere? What about those small dogs you’ve heard about that don’t shed? Which breeds are they? What should I know about these little dogs? There are a lot of different dog … Read more

Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers – Does Someone You Know Love Dogs? Get a Gift They’ll Go Head Over Heels For…


Having Trouble Picking Out Christmas Gifts This Year & Have NO Clue on What You Should Buy? Know someone that loves dogs? If you do, then problem solved! Get them a Christmas Gift for Dog Lovers type of gift. There are tons of cool stuff they love! Plus, they won’t cost an arm and a … Read more