Christmas Toys for an Aggressive Chewer

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Do You Have Trouble Choosing Christmas Toys For Your Aggressive Chewer?

Not Sure What Would Last Longer Than A Day?

There is so much to do this time of year! Buying presents for your family and friends can either be quite fun or it can be just a big headache…and how about your best and most loyal friend?

Are you planning on buying a Christmas present for your best pal but do not know where to start? Thinking, “well, why bother? Whatever I get for that dog of mine will end up destroyed before the end of Christmas day anyway!”

Or, maybe you’re just looking for durable dog toys for your dog…toys that are built a bit tougher than most and are a perfect gift for your dog any day.

Dog Toys for an Aggressive Chewer
Stuffed toys never survive more than a couple minutes in our house with not only one aggressive chewer, but two.

If you’re like me, I know I have a difficult time deciding on something, especially if I do not know how long it will last with our dogs, two of them are very aggressive chewers.

One is a purebred Old English Bulldog and the other is half Old English Bulldog. Most toys do not last a day with these two.

Thankfully, our two other dogs are not that destructive.

So many toys to choose from…

and most will not last a day if your dog is anything like mine!

*Updated below! I found a Plush Dog Toy that my dogs love and so do I!

Types of Dog Toys

  • Solid rubber
  • Almost solid rubber
  • Plush toys
  • Squeaky toys
  • Frisbees for dogs

I have found that with an aggressive chewer, that the solid rubber toys last a very long time. In fact, these are the only ones that have survived years of torture from our dogs. Although they do not look so pretty anymore, they are still in one piece unlike many other dog toys that we have bought over the years.

Sure, they look a little rough, but I have not found any pieces missing from them yet…and our two big time chewers have certainly tried to destroy them. So, if this is what you need to get for your dog, I would recommend the solid rubber toys.

Solid Rubber Dog Toys

Although, I have only tried the Kong Dog Toys and find that these are the ones that last, I looked up reviews from other people who have tried some of the other solid rubber toys and came up with this list of ones to try since they have good reviews.

If your dog is not too aggressive of a chewer there are also the dog toys that are almost like the solid rubber, but probably not quite as durable. Looking at different reviews for dog toys, these ones seem to be pretty popular in the almost solid rubber category.

Almost Solid Rubber

Frisbees can be something fun for both you and your dog. It is also a good way to teach them to not only fetch something for you, but also to come back to you when called. Just make sure you give them a lot of praise and a treat when they come up to you.


Plush Dog Toys

When it comes to plush toys, these are something I have come to personally avoid since I have quite a pair of destructive dogs…at least when it comes to these types of toys.

Another type of toy I do not buy anymore are the squeaker type ones…usually made of either plush or even some type of plastic. Although, it is fun to play fetch with these, since they get the dogs attention.

I found that my dogs would chew them to pieces just to get at the squeaker inside…then keep on chewing on the squeaker until it squeaked no more!…I am just glad that they did not swallow the pieces or the squeaker. Since I do not want to take the risk of this happening again, I do not buy them anymore.

If you do buy something that can be chewed up like this, just remember to watch your dog while it is playing with it and make sure to take it away if it starts chewing on it. I would not recommend leaving it unattended for even a short while, since that is how my dogs chewed up the ones we had.

Sure, the plush toys are great for dogs that do not really chew on them but like to just carry them around like one of my small dogs does, so if your dog doesn’t chew too much or maybe you want to find something your dog can play with while you’re supervising by all means get one or two.

Update on Plush Dog Toys – I’ve found one that Works!!

One I’ve really found to last much longer than I ever expected are the Hedge Hogs from Multipet. My daughter bought our dogs some of these a few years ago, and we actually still have them…they’re not pretty looking anymore, a bit slobbery and dirty looking, ears are chewed up, but they’re pretty much intact. We did have to do a few repairs such as sewing up a couple of holes on them, after forgetting them out on the floor with the dogs home alone. But, they were still repairable, not totally destroyed as any other dog toy we’ve owned!

So, if you’d like a Plush Dog Toy that is rather durable you might want to give these little Hedge Hogs a try. You can order one below ?

Multipet Hedgehog

A few Others that might last a bit longer than most….

According to the reviews, these are the top Plush toys that are more durable than most.

I hope this helps you out in deciding what toy to get for Christmas for your very best furry friend! Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Toys for an Aggressive Chewer”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’ve found it seems to depend on what mood your dog is in on whether or not they’re going to chew it up or not. Surprisingly, the large Hedge Hogs my daughter gave our dogs for Christmas have lasted without too much damage. They did get a bit chewed and had to be sewn up again in a couple small areas when I forgot to put them away, but were not totally ruined like most other plush toys I’ve tried with them.

    So, I’ve had some success with these Hedge Hog plush toys with our dogs, which are extremely heavy chewers, as long as I don’t leave it laying around and only give it to them to play with for awhile such as playing fetch. I hope this helps you out with your dog too!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! If you have any other questions about dogs or dog toys, please let me know.

    Best wishes 🙂 ~Sherry

  2. Thanks for the article! Has anyone had great success with the durable plush toys listed? My dogs love plushies but seem to chew through anything.


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