How To Stop Dog From Chewing Furniture

How to Keep Your Dog from Chewing Furniture

Tired of Your Dog Devouring Your Expensive Furniture? 5 Essential Steps to Stop Dog Chewing Wondering how to get your dog from chewing on the furniture? Well, keep reading if you… — find that you get home only to find your dog has been busy…while you were away, much to your horror, it was  busy … Read more

Camping with Your Dog-Tips and Supplies

Going camping with your dog? Here are some tips and supplies you may need! Do You and Your Family Enjoy Camping? I know my family and I love it! What about the family dog or dogs? Do you usually take your dog along too? If not, why not try it out this year? After all, … Read more

Ways to Help My Overweight Dog

Help Your Overweight Dog Shed Some Pounds…While You Lose Weight Too! Ever wondered if there are ways to help your dog get some extra pounds off that will help you lose weight too? Well, I’ve got news for you! It can be done and it’s not all that hard! All it takes is some time … Read more

Christmas Toys for an Aggressive Chewer

Christmas Toys for an Aggressive Chewer - durable dog toys

Do You Have Trouble Choosing Christmas Toys For Your Aggressive Chewer? Not Sure What Would Last Longer Than A Day? There is so much to do this time of year! Buying presents for your family and friends can either be quite fun or it can be just a big headache…and how about your best and … Read more

How to Start Training Puppy to Walk with a Leash

Leash Train Your Puppy in a Few Steps Just got a new puppy? Can’t seem to get it to walk on a leash without struggling and freaking out? Well, here’s how to start training puppy to walk with a leash… Getting Your Puppy to Wear a Collar or Harness First, your pup needs to get … Read more

Dogs – Walking On A Leash

Train Dog to Walk on a Leash Learn how you can get your dog or puppy used to a collar, teach it to walk on a leash, and how to get it to heel without a lot of stress for either of you! Plus, learn some benefits that a daily stroll will do for both … Read more